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Project governance

Delivery of Automic fresh implementations, support of an evolution of existing implementations and small changes to your current solution. Are you facing a new implementation or preparing for a major change or migration and looking for a project manager who could assist you in this endeavour? We can help you by delegating our certified (PMP, Scrum Master) project manager familiar and experienced in delivering Automation projects. We can support your team and help to outline the best solution by delegating our solution architect to design the best suitable solution for your environment and getting the most out of your Automic.

Proces identification and analysis

A key success of any implementation of Automic based solution is a careful and detailed identification and inventory on your processes. This requires a close cooperation with your IT and business team. An experience business process analyst can help you outline your processes and gather all relevant information allowing you a firm control of your processes, optimization of utilization of your environment and decrease a number of accidence by careful synchronization between various processes.

Project resourcing

Are you planning a major Automic project and you are short on specialists in Automic? We can strengthen your team temporary delegating our specialists familiar and experience in delivering of Automic related solutions.

Automic upgrades

Is your Automic solution obsolete or are you looking for a new features available on new releases? We can help you plan and execute system upgrade in a controlled and safe manner.


Do you have small issues your team would like to address and you looking for best solution how to tackle it? Our team is ready to support you in overcoming any issues related to Automic implementation.

About us

We are an enterprise IT company focused on delivering both IT projects and process automation. We help our customers to transform and automate their IT processes, integrate with business in order to increase an operational efficiencies and maximize business value. We encourage organizations to start operating as a service-oriented business.

Organizations deploy our service to create a single plane of glass for IT, automate manual tasks, standardize processes, and consolidate legacy systems. Using our extensible platform, our customers create custom applications and evolve the IT service model to service domains inside and outside the enterprise.

We are an official partner of Automic and we are looking forward to meet you and contribute to your company's success.